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Logistics Specialist - Utrecht Area

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Job Description


The Logistics Specialist is expected to serve as the global logistics expert for a portfolio of assigned countries and utilize logistics expertise for various countries of delivery. The Specialist is responsible for working within the import/export documentation requirements and managing the smooth shipment and delivery of quality-assured, health-related commodities. The Specialist is expected to ensure compliance with client requirements and is expected to define corrective actions in in cases of irregularities.

The Logistics Specialist is responsible for the smooth implementation of daily Third-Party Logistics (3PLs) operations and provides proactive management from goods readiness through last mile/in-country delivery. Coordinating closely with 3PLs, the Specialist is expected to support the troubleshooting of transport and delivery issues. The Specialist is expected to provide customer service excellence to all stakeholders. The Specialist is expected to provide regular status updates on shipments and address questions, concerns, and/or change requests that the client may have in coordination with the Sourcing and Client Services Units and/or 4PL Subdivision and other stakeholders as needed.

The Logistics Specialist is also responsible for maintaining data accuracy from the point of goods readiness to proof of delivery and confirmation of receipt; and for working with the Sourcing and Client Services Units to ensure the supply chain is established and executed to key performance indicators (KPIs).

Specific responsibilities

Logistics Administration:

  • Ensure timely logistics execution (plan, execute, monitor) of the international transport of goods, including high value & temperature sensitive products, into the specific countries (export, shipping lanes etc.), the importation and clearance, and in-country delivery of goods for all categories of products managed in collaboration with different 3PL partners.
  • Lead troubleshooting of transport and delivery challenges; address other issues as they arise.
  • Monitor closely all assigned shipments and proactively mitigate or remove any delays & risk on country level.
  • Monitor vendor overall performance on a regular basis to ensure necessary export documents are received timely and orders are delivered on time, in full.
  • Provide advice or assistance for vendors on documents required for the importation of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in countries of destination, working with the Sourcing and Client Services Units.
  • Collaborate on a daily basis with internal stakeholders, such as Strategic Supply Chain and Client Service Units, to address business challenges and opportunities at the order level to provide high quality solutions to the recipients.

Client Relationship Management:

  • Provide proactive customer service while acting as primary point of contact for logistics to principal recipients, client, 3PLs, vendors, and other stakeholders.
  • Provide regular and timely updates (Order Overviews) to principal recipients and ensure principal recipients are able to track orders using visibility platform and deliver training as necessary.
  • Provide training to 3PL partners, as a part of the on boarding process, on importation requirements for portfolio countries and review importation processes and communication expectations in coordination with the 4PL Services Subdivision.
  • Work collaboratively with the principal recipients, vendors, internal and external, and partner organisations on logistical issues.
  • Handle all shipment-related incidents; log incidents into Incident Management System, provide inputs for incident investigation and contribute to the resolution within incident set timelines.
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Salary Indication
€1 - €2 per annum + n/a
logistics, purchasing, customer service, account management, B2B, community management, e-commerce

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