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NL - Technical Specialized

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Job Description

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

As an Embedded Software Engineer you will be responsible of designing and developing software for world-class sleep-related products. Your responsibilities range from translating business requirements into software specifications, down to designing and developing highly optimized C/C++ & Assembly code for low-end Microcontrollers meant for Embedded Appliances. You will be working in a multidisciplinary team while actively engaging in activities with system architects, business teams and remote suppliers/partners in The Netherlands, Poland, India, China and United States. Your key responsibilities will be:

•   Design and Implementation of the ?rmware of connected embedded appliances (great focus on low-level code optimization and OOP design);

•   Translation of business requirements into software architectural speci?cations to be implemented (and tested) by the ?rmware team (using UML + textual description);

•   Contribute to software architecture activities, which are presented and discussed in a multidisciplinary architects board (including electronics, back-end, connectivity, app and proposition architects).

•   Support other teams (App, Backend, Test) with technical knowledge about Firmware.

•   Release and maintain ?rmware for mass production (factory deployment) as well as over-the-air updates.

•   Con?gure and maintain Build/CI servers for the multiple software projects.

•   Software Tooling development for programming, testing and production support;

•   Conduct team Planning Meetings and report the Project\'s status to stakeholders.

Required Qualifications

Bachelor\'s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent practical experience.

Experience in coding in C and C++ for Embedded Systems (std11/std14 is a plus)

Being capable of translating business requirements into software specifications

Experience in Unit /Integration Test Design and Development

Experience with Agile Software Development Processes

Good communication skills

Preferred Qualification

Master\'s or PhD degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field.

Hands on experience with Object Oriented Software Design (+ design patterns is a plus)

Experience in ARM architecture and compiler toolchain

Knowledge of wireless communication protocols (WiFi/Bluetooh/Zigbee)

Experience in Code optimization techniques for embedded systems

Experience in one or more general scripting languages (Python, Javascript, Bash, Tcl)

Knowledge of one or more of the following: Microcontrollers, hardware bringup, bootloading, firmware, hardware/software integration, Computer Architecture, maintain and support legacy code

Extra Qualifications

Knowledge of C# & .NET Framework is a plus

Knowledge of ARM Assembly language and Compilers Theory is a plus

Knowledge of Unix/Linux environment is a plus

Jenkins/Microsoft TFS configuration is a plus

Basic knowledge of electronics is a plus

Experience with git and svn is a plus

Experience with GTest/GMock, NUnit and Specflow

Knowledge of one or more of the following: GNU Make, Microsoft Visual Studio, Cypress PSoC Creator, Cypress Wiced Studio, IAR Workbench, JLINK/STLink Hardware and tooling.

Our team

We are a multi disciplinary product development team for Sleep related consumer products, situated on the Philips campus in the North of the Netherlands. Together with our global partners we are responsible for the end-to-end development, from requirements definition to verification, validation and post launch maintenance. As a small team we rely on functional ownership, where each discipline-owner sets a clear direction and solves challenges, using the freedom that is given. Per project we decide whether we develop the software solution in-house, based on our platform, or use global partners. In all cases, our team drives the architecture, reviews, tests and signs of the final design.

suppliers/partners in The Netherlands, Poland, India, China and United States.

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